Horizon Fitness M4 Indoor Cycle Review

Are you a smart guy and are you look for a unique design indoor bike? Then you are now exactly at the right place!  The Horizon Fitness M4 is a high quality, unique looking slim indoor bike that will give you the sensation of realistic bicycle ride at home.

I want to shed light on this bike for its revolutionary magnetic resistance system that will offer you smooth and silent workout. Its design will attract the crazy and health conscious guys.

It’s created by one of the top suppliers of the business world who concentrated on high-tech, minimalism and good looking design simultaneously.

Horizon Fitness M4 Indoor Cycle Review

It has ten years’ warranty and excellent customer services. Not only that but also it has a display system that will show your time and distance of exercise. If you want to take care of your health and you have the fascination for an indoor bike don’t spend your time and buy the best product that will be helpful to keep you fit and healthy.


The Horizon Fitness M4 comes with very adjustable seats and handlebars and paddles which give it the superiority over other kinds of indoor bikes. The seat can be adjusted both straightly and vertically.

It allows accommodating different riders of different heights.  This is the great advantage that it can ride anyone of different heights. It has vertical adjustments and adjustable handlebars.

Its handlebars are designed in such way that you can cling it very easily. The M4 will give you the riding position that will keep your body fit like a glove.

Heavy Flywheel

The Horizon M4 indoor bike has a heavy flywheel. The flywheel is heavier than usual at 42 pounds. It added to the bike’s overall stability. It also gives users a smooth and quiet workout. It has excellent weight capacity. It contains users 285lbs weight.


Great Warranty

The Horizon Fitness M4 is like a real bike. It is designed to make you feel like you’re on the road. The heavy duty modules, allow it to stay hard no matter how fast you go. You will be surprised to know that Mp4 has 10-year frame warranty on it on top of the one year for parts and labor.


Monitoring Meter

You can easily count your time, speed, pressure, and heartbeat and burnt calories. It has touch system that will help you to increase or decrease your time and speed. Its exercise meter gives it extra charm.

An hour-long medium resistance workout can easily burn400 to 500 calories while a higher resistance level can burn 900 to 1000 calories. It depends on the user’s weight, fitness level, age, and gender.


Other Facilities

Mp4 has excellent resistance system. It has micro adjust break for strength. It has a knob break resistance system that is generally found on high priced bike. Its excellent resistance system makes it different from another indoor bike. It also has other facilities that are rarely seen in other indoor bikes. It has water bottle holder. You can easily carry a water bottle. Mp4 has a long time warranty and customer services.


Horizon M4 indoor bike is the bike of the best quality. It’s engineered with precision and care. Moreover, it has quality features to make the workout more comfortable and fruitful.

So no doubt that it’s one of the best indoor cycling bikes to shed your extra pounds on the day it arrives your home.  If the budget permits, you don’t hesitate to buy this product.